Manor Church Preschool

Thanks for visiting our website.  If you have any questions regarding our preschool, please email or call the church office at 285-3138 and ask for the preschool director.   If you are interested in scheduling a visit to our preschool, please call to make an appointment.

The Preschool program works within the spirit and teachings of the Christian faith.  We strive to meet the child’s individual needs as well as group needs through a variety of experiences.  We create an environment for the preschooler to question, experiment, and explore at his/her own pace. 

We seek to instill in the children values of love, compassion, and trust.  We help the preschooler to live peaceably with other children and to value the rights and feelings of others, as well as one’s own rights.

We teach each child to be at ease while away from home, to accept direction from adults, and to finish given tasks.

We strive to contribute positively to your child’s total development.  We give a
variety of opportunities to develop gross motor and fine motor skills, as well as cognitive skills.

In this class, children will begin to feel comfortable being away from home and to interact with other children.  They will begin their preschool experience with an introduction to colors, letters and numbers.  Children will have the opportunity to learn through music and playtime activities.  Our goal in this class is for your child to feel safe in being away from you and to socialize with others. Children do not need to be potty trained to join this class

Our Early Learners and age three classes are designed to enable a child to experience and explore learning in a social setting. The focus of our program is socialization and physical development of large and small motor skills, and it incorporates basic academic learning where appropriate.  Our program encourages the children to try many different activities. Our goal is that this exploration will build self-confidence for your child, and we know that this is a good foundation for future learning about the world around them. Children in the Early Learners class do not need to be potty trained to join this class.

The age four program provides opportunities to prepare your child for kindergarten.  This program is more
structured than the age three program and encourages children to explore their environment through various mediums.  This further develops socialization skills and improves fine motor skills. Activities, units of study, and field experiences combined together, enhances day-to-day academic exercises.

The age five program is created for children who meet the age requirement to attend kindergarten but choose to wait due to a late birthday (May to December) or are not yet ready for kindergarten for various other reasons.  This class is designed in such a way that children are asked to perform many of the tasks that kindergarten children are doing but in a more relaxed environment.  Our class does not replace kindergarten.  Besides academic skills, we provide many activities/hands-on experiences and extra-curricular programs that encourage the children to ask questions and build self-confidence in a classroom setting.

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