High School

Thursday night "WITH" and Sunday mornings for
9th-12th grade teens.
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Connected to be free. Equipped to bring change. Existing to serve out.

All 9th-12th graders are welcome to connect with our community on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings.  

At one time, we were all "new" and coming for the first time.  We were nervous, too.  But we believe and hope you will find an inviting and safe place to be yourself.  We can't wait to meet you!

We want to hear the questions, opinions, beliefs and voice of this generation.  Our small groups set that up to happen.

Our community of 9th-12th grade teens is organized into gender and grade specific small groups (like 9th grade guys small group or 10th grade girls small group).

Thursday nights 730pm-9pm.  During the school year, we meet every Thursday night on the 2nd floor of Manor Church.  The night is a mix of open gym time to play games or hang out, music, teaching about Jesus Christ, and small groups. 
7pm-730pm (Gym for open gym and hang out time).  
730pm-9pm (Upper Room - 2nd floor).

Sunday mornings 9am-10am.  Every Sunday our teens gather into their small groups to catch up on the week, listen to one another, pray together, discuss the Bible and build community with their peers and with their leader(s).  Each group has a Small Group Leader(s) that serves our students in their journey and leads the group.  
9am-10am (Upper Room - 2nd floor)