Daniel's Den Playground

The Manor Church Community Park is home to Daniel's Den Playground.  The park is open to the public until dark each day.  Come enjoy the 1/2 mile walking trail, sports fields, and Daniel's Den Playground.

Daniel's Den is open to the public (dawn to dusk) for All children and their families no matter their abilities.

Daniel's Den Playground Guiding Principles

  • A place where all children play and learn together
    • Fostering a new generation of acceptance
  • Community-built and supported
    • Leathers playgrounds are built on site:  Larger community effort
    • Long-term pride
  • Easily maintained
    • Physical:  Using Leathers plastic versus wood
    • Using environmentally conscious materials
    • Creating fund for future needs
  • Highly utilized
    • Give community members local access
    • Expressed as a need by collabortive partners
  • Fully accessible
    • Customized design versus modified design
    • ALL equipment versus SOME equipment
    • Leathers' experience with 100% accessible playgrounds
  • Creative, highly customized
    • End users (children) have input into Leathers' design (local elementary schools involved)
      • Theme
      • Equipment
      • Overall design
    • Inspires more creative play:  Children with more challenging play areas develop great cognitive skills
    • Affords greater opportunity for children of all abilities

Interested in reserving the park for your organization, contact us.