Daniel's Den Playground

The Manor Church Community Park is home to Daniel's Den Playground.  The park is open to the public.  Come enjoy the 1/2 mile walking trail, sports fields, and Daniel's Den Playground.

The pavilion by Daniel’s Den Playground is open for the community to use free-of-charge.  We do not reserve the pavilion.  We ask people use the space they need and share the space with others. The park, playground, and pavilion are open from dawn to dusk. 

Daniel's Den is open to the public (dawn to dusk) for All children and their families no matter their abilities.

Daniel's Den Playground Guiding Principles

  • A place where all children play and learn together fostering a new generation of acceptance.
  • Community-built and supported
  • Built using environmentally conscious materials
  • Highly utilized
  • Fully accessible
    • Creative, highly customized design inspires more creative play:  Children with more challenging play areas develop great cognitive skills.  Affords greater opportunity for children of all abilities

    Interested in learning more about the park, contact us.